Bill McGarvey — “You Are Starving”

Bill McGarvey -- "You Are Starving"


Using a ring video doorbell camera and spotlight cameras, Bill uses real-life residential surveillance footage–a fact of 21st century life–to build an unusual and emotional short film. Based on his song, co-written and produced with Mike Tichy.


You Are Starving

Saved by the phone
He’s much better off drinking alone
Hiding inside your own home
Praying that your cover’s not blown
You pretend you’re asleep
And you can’t hear him speak
Laying there in your bed
You are starving get fed

There he goes again
A complaint with no beginning or end
You quietly nod your head
You’ve been charged but you dare not defend

To a church you retreat
Falling tears in your seat
Waiting on living bread
You are starving get fed

You are starving
And you’ve learned to depend on nothing,
No more and no less
You are searching
For someone to hear you confess
Twisted and blessed

You are starving
You just can’t believe that your kindness
Might be your disease
And surrender is posing as your prayer for peace
Down on your knees

There he goes again
Tell me what was that comment he said
‘It’s all inside your head’

Child you prayed
A promise was made
To not be the wife
Who’d fight for her life
The kitchen is clean
It’s polished with dreams
The walls never whisper
They just seem to scream
The decision is yours
It’s outside your door
Despite what you’ve heard
That’s what it’s there for
When you’re done playing dead
You are starving get fed

by Bill McGarvey & Mike Tichy
© Good Thief Music, BMI

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