An organization's marketing, communications & media strategy is its blueprint for succeeding in the attention economy.

Psychologist, economist and Nobel Laureate Herbert A. Simon first coined the term the “attention economy” at the dawn of the information age, observing that “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” More than a half century later, his insights have proven prophetic.

The 21st century media landscape has become a modern day Tower of Babel in which endless information and messaging exists as undifferentiated noise. How does an individual or organization break through that noise and earn that most precious of assets: other people’s time and attention?

Great creativity, of course, is key as is the ability to execute your creative vision but, too often, what is lacking is a strategic, data-driven approach that asks the fundamental questions:

      • Who/what is the product/organization/message at its core?
      • Who is the audience?
      • Who is the competition?
      • What are the short-term and long-term goals?
      • Where should messaging/communications be concentrated? 
Research, Discovery and Strategic Planning

McG Media has worked with organizations on every level of their media, messaging and mission. From targeted, time-limited campaigns and general media strategy to overall brand analysis and competition research, McG Media is a full-service media company that combines world-class, award winning creative with deep research and insight.

Through a thorough process of research and discovery, McG Media is an effective thought partner for clients helping them understand organizational strengths and weaknesses as well as the competitive landscape in their industry. The process enables greater clarity around what the organization’s goals are and how they can be achieved.

The brand report that results from this process, is both an explanation of findings as well as a strategic plan for how McG Media can help the organization meet and exceed their goals.

“You can’t create powerful media and messaging without first understanding who and what you are! McG Media’s depth of analysis and understanding of my company and our competition has been extraordinary. Like most entrepreneurs, I knew that media and marketing were important but McG Media helped focus me on the essence of my company’s value proposition.”

Donna Olah-Reiken Founder, Preferred Business Management Solutions

“Moving seamlessly from big-picture strategic thinking to smaller scale content creation, McG Media has become an invaluable addition to our organization. Consultant, thought partner, writer, producer etc, Bill McGarvey combines enormous creativity across multiple media platforms with a deep awareness of our mission and history. His contributions have challenged us to grow our own vision of how our 100-year-old organization can operate in the new millennium.”

Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson Executive Director, Fellowship of Reconciliation, USA

“McG Media has changed our organization and community. They have helped us see that terms like ‘branding, content creation and community engagement’ aren’t simply marketing jargon but an opportunity to reflect our organization’s values and mission.

Whether it was creating branding and content for outreach and enrollment, producing live stream events, hosting professional development days or creating forums of healing during catastrophic events, Bill has inspired us to think deeply about who we are as a community and communicate it boldly.”

Elliot Guerra Director of Mission Development, Academy & Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel


Bill McGarvey, McG-Media LLC Founder

As a best-selling author, editor, musician, producer and entrepreneur, Bill McGarvey has had extensive experience in all facets of media helping clients articulate their brand and expand their audience. His expertise is in linking creative vision and mission effectiveness across wide-ranging business, non-profit and social-change endeavors.

Bill worked with organizations and individuals to discern and clarify their goals, brand identity, content and communications strategy. He excels in the art of helping mission-driven leaders build teams and the creative and organizational structures necessary to execute strategy and achieve the organization’s goals.

Click here to download a pdf of his CV.

Contact: bill@mcg-media.com

Bill is a native of Philadelphia and a longtime resident of the NYC metro area (Hoboken). He is a graduate of Georgetown University.

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