The value of an organization’s media strategy is grounded in the quality of their ideas and their ability to execute them.

It is astonishing how often organizations will devote endless hours perfecting their product or service but give short shrift to how that same product or service is branded and communicated.

McG Media engages in a process of discovery with organizations that enables them to…

Identify the audience(s) they want to reach
the effectiveness of their current communications including web, social media, video and print

Social media is relationship-based, ongoing and evolving. How sustainable is this conversation over time? Is it sufficiently compelling to involve and interest their intended audience over the long term?

Distill the essence of the messages they wish to convey

Organizations often aren’t aware of how their brand/mission may already intersect with the interests, concerns and passions of specific audiences.  McG Social Media helps brands and organizations uncover what is most compelling about them for the audience they are trying to appeal to.

Determine the most effective strategies/platforms for communicating those messages.

Detailed Metrics to track and quantify the effectiveness and impact of their messaging/brand.

Social media is highly targeted and interactive and, consequently, highly track-able in terms of views, interactions etc. Whether you are a for-profit interested in sales or a non-profit concerned with messaging or the cultivation of donors, establishing these relationships is not optional but essential to your future.