Preferred Business Management Solutions

Over the course of the past decade Preferred Business Management Solutions has served small business owners who needed help managing their businesses’ back office without investing in full-time staff. During that time the business has grown significantly–largely by strong word of mouth and referrals.

Preferred engaged McG Media to work on the branding and strategic planning for launching a new phase of Preferred’s business. This next phase involves creating a new brand (image, voice and message), website and social media strategy as well as redefining their unique business model and services.

Over the course of several months, McG Media carried out extensive research on the business by interviewing various stakeholders including owners, employees, current clients and former clients. In addition, we did competitive research on 14 companies in the industry outlining their services and value propositions. Findings were compiled in a 40-page Brand Discovery Report & Recommendations.

“You can’t create powerful media and messaging without first understanding who and what you are! McG Media’s depth of analysis and understanding of my company and our competition has been extraordinary. Like most entrepreneurs, I knew that media and marketing were important but McG Media helped focus me on the essence of my company’s value proposition.”

Donna Olah-Reiken Founder, Preferred Business Management Solutions

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