Good design without compelling content is like having a beautiful plate with nothing nourishing on it.

In terms of digital media, too often, organizations believe that simply building a new website or app reflects a significant change in their communications efforts. The truth is, having state of the art pipes is useless if you have bad water flowing through them.

Your content represents an opportunity to enter into a relationship and conversation with your audience whom–you hope–will include you in their highly competitive and crowded personal media feeds. Simply being in relationship is not enough though. The content and conversations an organization generates need to be done with a deep awareness of the ethos and tone of the social media platform they’re using as well as an equally deep understanding of their brand and the audience they are trying to attract. McG Media has created award-winning media in …

Web Content  McG Media works with clients to create interesting, ongoing, brand-relevant content to populate their websites/social media platforms. Some clients have experienced a 10 fold increase in audience engagement.
Video  Depending on a client’s needs, McG Media has produced everything from highly produced live action explainer videos and award-winning animated shorts to lo-fi, YouTube offerings
McG Media produces a daily podcast for a client that garners over 150,000 downloads per year.