An organization’s media strategy is a gauge of how committed they are to entering into a relationship/conversation with their audience.

Simply being in relationship is not enough though. In our media-saturated environment, the content and conversations an organization uses to engage its audience(s) need to be created with a deep understanding of:

Who/what the organization is
Who they are trying to attract and
The ethos and tone of the various media platforms they are using


Bill McGarvey, McG-Media LLC Founder/Owner
As an author, editor, musician, producer and entrepreneur, Bill McGarvey has had extensive experience in all facets of media helping clients articulate their brand and expand their audience. Click here to download a pdf of his CV.

  • Has worked with organizations and individuals to discern and clarify their goals, brand identity, content and communications strategy.
  • Excels in the art of helping mission-driven leaders build teams as well as the creative and organizational structures necessary to execute strategy and achieve the organization’s goals.
  • Actively engaged in creating, consulting and designing across all media platforms both on the web and traditional media.
  • An entrepreneur, a best selling-author, social commentator, musician and video artist, whose expertise is inlinking creative vision and mission effectiveness across wide-ranging business, non-profit and social-change endeavors.


Organization Building, Branding, Strategy & Platform Development

From internet start ups and web magazines to conventional media organizations and ancient religious traditions, as an entrepreneur and consultant, Bill McGarvey has helped companies and organizations achieve enormous growth and enhanced their effectiveness. Representative engagements include:, Co-Founder

Developed a proprietary, scientifically validated tool with partners at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Georgia that enables financial planners to understand the way their clients think and feel about money.

• Designed and created a web platform with functionality that enables large corporations, boutique practices and solo practitioners to set up private, branded accounts to use with financial clients.
• Created animated product/brand marketing/explainer videos
• Developed a pilot program and training materials for Jackson National Life to train financial professionals in the use of the tool.

BustedHalo, Editor in Chief

Re-created, edited and published this award-winning online magazine for “spiritual seekers.”

• Rebranded it as a thought leader on how young people in the 21st century approach spiritual practice and belief.
• Expanded the pool and scope of site contributors, by recruiting and engaging a large roster of contributing editors and writers spread out around the globe.
• Wrote, filmed, art directed, marketed and published new content on a daily basis.
• Increased traffic seven fold over the course of six years including a 40% increase over the final year and a 90% increase over the final two-years.
• Vastly increased the outlet’s credibility by creating and assigning content that was picked up by/featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, USA Today and The Houston Chronicle.
• Increased public awareness of the site by featuring high-profile voices, Jimmy Carter, novelists Anne Rice and Richard Russo, actor Ryan Gosling, activist/author Rev. Jim Wallis.
• McGarvey received a grant from the Carnegie Corporation while at BustedHalo to create a video series “Busted Borders” in which undocumented immigrants video blogged about their experiences.

Inner City Scholarship Fund

Created the branding, messaging and design for this 40-year-old organization’s first capital campaign that raised $125 million. Developed ICSF’s promotional videos and wrote the organization’s annual reports.

Order of Carmelites

Led a process to re-imagine the web presence of this global 800-year-old Catholic religious order. Developed and implemented a comprehensive strategy to make the site the order’s flagship communications outlet the world over.

• Increased the organization’s web and social media presence more than ten fold resulting in a dramatic increase in their web and social media reach to 3.2 million people annually.
• Created and produced an award-winning daily podcast that accumulated over 750,000 downloads over four years and grew to level of 250,000 annual downloads.

Book Magazine, Managing Editor

Managed a twelve-person editorial department for a consumer entertainment print magazine devoted to books. Guided the magazine through a redesign and a jump in circulation from 20,000 to 1.5 million over a two-year period.


Drove the content and development of “Inside CIT” the in-house corporate newsletter for CIT, Inc, a Fortune 500 finance company.

Author, Commentator, Editor

As a best selling author, award-winning columnist and editor, Bill McGarvey understands the power of the written word and its importance to organizational excellence. A partial listing of Bill’s experience as a writer and commentator includes:


Co-authored The Freshman Survival Guide published by the Hachette Book Group USA that has book has sold over 100,000 copies to date and was featured on The Late Show with David Letterman. Each spring the book spends numerous weeks as Amazon’s #1 book in both the student life and college guide categories.


A commentator on art, culture, politics and religion and has been featured in/written for The Washington Post, NPR, BBC, the New York Times, Time Out New York, The Tablet (London), Commonweal, Factual (Spain), Book and Mars Hill Review.

America Magazine

Two-time CPA award winner for a regular column on the intersection of culture and faith.

Barnes & Noble

Reviewer for the company’s Discover Great New Writers program.


As a musician, songwriter, producer and filmmaker, Bill’s creative work has been recognized internationally across multiple media formats. Bill is adept at harnessing creativity and delivering final product that communicates a unique and compelling vision. A sampling of Bill’s projects includes:

Producer, Songwriter, Musician

• Wrote and produced six albums of music featured internationally in films, network television and radio, as well as The New York Times, Billboard, The New Yorker magazine and The Chicago Tribune among others.
• Developed “Beautiful Mess” an autobiographical multi-media show (song, storytelling, video) dealing with the intersection of art and spirituality that has been performed at numerous colleges, high schools and conferences including Yale, Ohio State, Loyola (Chicago), Seton Hall, UCC Cleveland.
• Toured the US with numerous bands, including Valentine Smith, The Liquor Giants, Winter Hours, The Vipers and Who’s Your Daddy.
• Co-wrote/produced tracks for artists, including Karen K & the Jitterbugs (children’s album) and Kiersten Thien.

Film & Video 

• Broken Lullaby: Produced, wrote, directed and performed this award-winning animated music video that was selected by over 30 film festivals around the world.
• Because Jewish: Produced an animated a short film for this Jewish cultural organization, “Kol Nidre #3,” that had its world premiere at Lincoln Center’s Jewish Film Festival.


Bill is a native of Philadelphia and a longtime resident ofthe NYC metro area (Hoboken). He is a graduate of Georgetown University.

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